Photographer's Bio

I started being a Photographer in 2010. I was shooting Sweet 16’s, Wedding’s and Birthday parties. I would also shoot anything that would put money in my pocket. I had worked with models of all ages and styles. But years later I started to slow down my shooting. I noticed that what I was shooting wasn’t fulfilling my artistic cravings until I started shooting landscape.

Last year I was introduced to landscape photography by my dear friend Moses, I was open to shoot anything outside of my normal portfolio of family photography. I was definitely new to this scenery shooting due to me taking numerous captures of the same thing. My friend Moses told me to slow down and take my time while setting up a shot. For me that was all I needed. One night Moses and me decided to capture images of Manhattan at night. The images I would take that night set in motion of what my cityscape portfolio looks like currently and in the future.

I’ve gotten an emotional release ever since I started capturing landscape images. There’s nothing like capturing a nighttime image of a concrete jungle for outsiders and those who don’t get around this city enough. I want to and I will show the world what this city scenically has to offer and soon the world.